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My Feelings About The Bible During this winter vacation,I have read The Bible.Before I read it,I knew a little about it,sometimes maybe confused.Fortunately,the moment I finish reading it,I finally know everything about it.Although I know it is just a mythology,it seems that all the things had really happened before.It is a great possibility that makes me trust what it said. Certainly,the Bible is the soul of Christianity.Ii is a fantastic bridge for us to understand western culture.As Far as I know,it has been translated into more than 1800languages.Although it was written 2000years ago,many people read it today.Such as many leaders of many countries,famous athletes even scientists read it today.And many people treat it as their life criteria.It consists of the old testament and the new testament. At the…show more content…
Our familiar story about Moses is also about wars. When Moses gave the order, the Red Sea separated by itself and then Moses led everyone through the Red Sea. It is impossible when we read it today, but this increased the mystery. The Bible is full of mysteries and from this we can see people’s loyalty and the God play a important role in their lives. The God could influence their decision and their lives because God could decide the mode they live. In the Bible we can always see that if someone didn’t do what God want him to do, he or she would be punished by the God. I think if we live for somebody then our life would be boring and our life would be meaningless. These stories let me think that the people that time believe in God too much. It is true that we need some belief in our life. But we can’t believe too much. The people in the Bible are all believe that God is perfect so they do whatever God want them to do just like a puppet. We live for ourselves but not the God. we can believe in him but we can’t believe him too much. We are the master of ourselves.We should believe in ourselves.Believe

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