Causes Of Cyber Crime

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CYBER CRIME The term 'Cyber crime' is often found in the newspapers, magazines, and many other reading materials. Cyber crime has become an issue which is widely discussed these days as it had become a serious threat and a major concern to the community. But what is cyber crime exactly? Cyber crime is defined as any criminal activity that uses a computer either as an instrumentality, target or a means for perpetuating further crimes (Seth, 2015). Cyber crime is often started from a simple e-mail mischief where offenders send an obscene e-mail to his victims. There are various type of cyber crime which includes cyber fraud, hacking, cyber stalking, harassment, phishing, identity theft, e-mail bombing, cyber war and many others (Australian…show more content…
According to Fox (2012) stated that hackers are accessing company secrets and confidential strategies and creating huge losses for the overall economy by attacking business networks. For example, the hacker will try to hack the system of the company to make their system down and steal the confidential information of the company and the identity information of their clients. As a consequence, the company will face a huge number of financial and reputation loss due to the confidential information stolen. Therefore, their clients will lose confident on the company and search for another company which can keep their identity information at safe without being stolen by others. Under those circumstances, the company unable to keep up their good reputation and the loss of clients will stumble the operating system of their company or even worse, it might causes the company to…show more content…
The company needs to spend a lot of money on hiring IT personnel to handle the harmful incident and assemble the firewall. According to Julius. Metal. (2012) claimed that the time of the IT personals spends on harmful incident rectified caused by cyber crime, should have gain a profit to the organization. Since, the IT personnel will dedicate their majority time to solve the problems associated with cyber crime, their work intention of gaining profit will be affected. Besides that, companies need to install firewall to avoid being the target of cyber crime. Therefore, the companies have to spend extra cost on installment of firewall and purchasing strong security software and hardware to decrease the risk of attack. Due to the security measurement, a lot of complex passwords were created by the companies. Thus, the employees have to consume their time by entering complex password and caused the work efficiency to decline. As a result, plenty of time and money will be wasted to deal with cyber

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