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UMUC Haircuts Name: Institution: UMUC Haircuts I. Introduction: The most significant aspects of the haircutting business model that ought to improve in UMUC are with regards to the customer service. The UMUC Haircuts profit model reveals on two major fronts. Initially, people want to come at the UMUC to get Haircuts. Secondly, the clients shall eventually turn out to be repeat customers at a rate that shall enable the business to grow and attain profit. To understand further the IT solutions that ought to implement, the paper shall offer an in-depth perspective on the different benefits that the IT solutions shall provide. A could based open application is the fitting solutions for UMUC Haircuts. This is based on the…show more content…
The software operations system updated or preloaded on the device with the on-shelf application shall be required for the purpose of handling the inventory and meet the requirements linked to resupply. The high-speed internet shall be used mainly for data purposes with the option of later on expanding the facilities. The configuration shall be done by an individual outside of the organization. The system administrator shall be tasked with the duty of configuring the system, educating Myra on some of the functionalities and problems that she might encounter while using the…show more content…
This shall help them know how to work with the system while at the same time reducing resistance. The employees might be reluctant to use the new system, but ample training shall ensure that they accept the new system. Skills in the use of smart devices shall be integral for preparation. Myra shall also avail built in tutorials, help modules and telephone support if needed. g. Data Migration The system shall be used in parallel with the traditional system. This shall give the employees the chance to learn how the new system operates and at the same time migrating to the new system. Using the system in parallel with the traditional system shall also give the employees a chance to be trained and incorporate the new system into their day to day activities. The customer appointments that have already been made shall be entered into the new system and the customers notified through their smart phones to confirm on the dates agreed. h. System

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