The Pros And Cons Of Sexual Assault

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Sexual assault is something that no one thinks is going to happen to them, until it does. Everyday the number of reported sexual assaults increases. The biggest misconception involving sexual assault and rape is the way it is defined. Sexual assault occurs when a person does not give consent to any sexual act including but not limited to “attempted rape, fondling or unwanted sexual touching, forcing a victim to perform sexual acts or penetration of the victim’s body” (RAINN). Although this definition does not include every form of sexual assault, it is a good basis. A lot of victims or people in general do not understand what it means to be sexually assaulted and therefore when it does happen they choose not report it in fear of it not being…show more content…
Many victims do not report their encounters because of the stigma, misinformation, alcohol consumption. The biggest way to help victims is to understand that actions can be taken to help them, understanding what it means to be sexually assaulted and the way victims are treated by authorities. Why do so many people not report sexual assault? In College Party Culture and Sexual Assault, it is stated that “only 12 percent of college students experiencing a rape report it to law enforcement” (Lindo 243). In most cases someone that has been sexually assaulted is blamed for the event. It is no shock that one of the reasons for not reporting sexual assault is not wanting others to find out and for that to somehow change how the victim is looked at by their peers. We Believe You by Annie E. Clark and Andrea L. Pino shares many stories of survivors of sexual assault on college campuses. One of the stories shared comes from Anonymous S. As a freshman student athlete, Anonymous S was raped by another student athlete, a football player. Through being a part of the athletics departments for so long…show more content…
It is very clear that most cases involve alcohol however, according to Rape and Sexual Assault on College Campuses: An Intersection of Gender and Social Class, “campus rape s and sexual assaults without the Greek Party system usually occur at random; are unarranged; and usually individualized” (96). Not to undermine the many cases that happen at Greek parties where alcoholic beverages are distributed, but there has to also be some focus on rapes that happen in other places. In one case in We Believe You, Anonymous A, was around alcohol but she was completely sober and she was molested by a guy in the middle of the party, in the middle of the room. Her life completely changed. She would startle very easily and had no trust towards any other

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