The Importance Of Citizenship

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It’s hard to deny that immigrants have been a source of many problems our nation is currently facing. The decision as to who should gain citizenship is up to the government to decide. Of course the individuals must fill out paperwork and go through all of the mandatory steps of naturalization it takes to reach citizenship, but the full extent of a person's personality and intentions are not revealed through this process. Social media is a prominent source of information into someone’s personal life. The Huffington Post clearly states that social media is no way to decide citizenship. ThinkProgress discusses how monitoring social media is too invasive and disrespects an individual’s rights. It is clearly stated on that social media is…show more content…
While monitoring a social media account, Homeland Security could read a post and interpret it in a way that is completely different that what is was intended to mean. On it states, “Many immigrants will be chilled and deterred from participating in speech and social media because they fear that the government is going to misunderstand what they're saying”. Someone could simply write a joke on their social media, but the government could take it in a way that makes them seem like a horrible person. One simple misunderstanding could change the course of an immigrants future. Of course though, there are people who believe that the government should monitor immigrants social…show more content…
Firstly, they try to take what someone says and use it against them. Secondly, Judging someone’s personality to see if they would make a good citizen is no reason to be snooping around their social media. Finally, since social media is so complex, it is incredibly easy to misunderstand what a person is trying to say which would cause the information to be used in a wrong way. Although many people believe having the government monitor a immigrants social media can be used to protect the nation, it just isn’t a reliable enough source. Being an immigrant and trying to become a citizen is such a process, one of which social media does not need to be involved in. Work Cited “Homeland Security to monitor social media accounts of immigrants and citizens.” ThinkProgress, Rose, Joel. “Federal Plan To Keep Files Of Immigrant Social Media Activity Causes Alarm.” NPR, NPR, 30 Sept. 2017, Frej, Willa. “U.S. Quietly Announces Plan To Monitor Immigrants' Social Media Accounts, Search Histories.” The Huffington Post,, 28 Sept. 2017,

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