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3.0 Literature Review Internet marketing used to describe the means an organization attempts to persuade people to purchase their goods or services online. These organization, whatever their ultimate goal is, use internet marketing as way to get themselves recognized and as a way to get people involved. For hundreds of years, hotel industry have found ways of being able to advertise themselves through media. There are many different type of internet marketing strategy a hotel can perform, and how a hotel opt the type of strategy is highly dependent on the era and media available in that period of history. E-Mail Marketing Strategy In the context of drastic growth in Internet distribution and marketing in hospitality, email marketing is a significant…show more content…
Conversely, online mailing is convenience to apply since graphics, videos and text can be created and transferred with just a click (Hammil, 1997). Normally, this kind of email are personalized as it include hotel’s brand name, message and also link that lead customers to their website. It allows hoteliers to engage customers in formidable, personalized and mutually beneficial interactive relationships, increases conversions, and sells more…show more content…
Cherry Blossom Festival is a three week event that attracts travelers to Washington, D.C. in April. Therefore, each year every hotel will grabs the opportunities to have a specials rates and packages for the Cherry Blossom Festival. The event itself has a time factor as the cherry blossom trees only in bloom for a limited period of time. In this case, missing this beautiful, this once a year seasonal event is sufficient to stimulate and generate hundreds of hotel bookings. The second case study is from hotel in Napa Valley. This hotel executed an aggressive Direct Online Distribution and Marketing Strategy, including an award-winning website and robust customer email capture and email marketing strategy. At the end, their outcome were satisfying. Their hotel opt in email list has raise to 10,000 recipients within 6 months. The hotel performs highly targeted email and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing campaigns regularly. This hotel website, supported by formidable email and PPC marketing campaigns has indeed become the “first point of contact” with customers and over 50% of bookings come through hotel website (Price & Starkov,

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