The Importance Of Character Education

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Part C Character education is to teach kids about good traits and core values therefore to help them get along well in society. This is to ensure they are being educated, inspired, and empowered to be ethical and engaged citizens. The six pillars of character is a framework for coaching good character and is comprised of six ethical values which is Trustworthiness (T), Respect ( R), Responsibility (Rb), Fairness (F), Caring ( C), Citizenship (Cz). It teaches kids how to make good choices when faced with difficult situations. Kids should be well-educated, and being inspired to be ethical citizens. Trust (T) include to be honest, never steal and cheat, be reliable where fulfill with what you promised, have the courage to do the right things,…show more content…
I suggest to develop a character education training through making leadership. Leadership is the action of leading a group of people or an organization. Leadership is crucial in a company, a team, community, society, in the school or even in the classroom. Leaders not only assist themselves but also others to do the right things towards the same goal. Leaders set direction, build an inspiring mission and vision, and invent something new and unique. Moreover, leaders must also apply a good management skills to lead their people to the right destination in a well-organized method. We should apply six pillars of character in making a successful leadership. The title of the training course is “Nurturing a Future Leader”. “Nurturing a Future Leader” is opened for secondary school (Form 4 and Form 5) students, the priority is given to those who currently holds a position, existing school leader such as prefects, class monitor, librarians, president of club and etc. However, for those who is interested but without any prior experience in leadership is encouraged to take part as well. This is a three days course, 7 hours per day, from 9.00a.m. to…show more content…
In the other words, we can call “Nurturing a Future Leader” course as a personal development program. Eventually, an organization provides an exceptional leadership only if it is done by someone with extraordinary behaviours, beliefs and understanding of themselves and others as a successful leader. This course is to develop talented and ambitious students and help them to grow to the fullest potential. Throughout this, participants are given the opportunity to practice how to become a leader, what is the difference between a good leader and a poor leader, what are the challenges or obstacles that might be occurred in leadership process, how to overcome it, how to be an efficient problem-solver, how to work with self and how to communicate with others. Presenters will definitely share their real life experiences, hints and tips in handling the problems that faced. Participants are given this golden chances to expose, explore and know more in reality, moreover, can absorb from others’ experiences. Nevertheless, this course is to instill six pillars of character for them to succeeding in their leadership. Certainly, this is an active interaction program, learn by doing, participants will return home with an experience practically, not just theoretically knowledge and

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