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Animals casts off or moult their skin, other would lose hair or discolour. Amidst humans the strong desire or impulse to improve the appearance or enhance of oneself has continue to exist and endure globally unchanged through time and space. Humans tried to promote difference, significance and individuality by changing features from the tip of their hair follicle to the very end of their toes. Transforming to elevate or define character, either to refer to social issues, status issues, legitimate power, wealth, aesthetic value within a specific group with the same believes, ceremonial significance, representation of silent informal communication as well as distinguishing the interface between private and public space. (Schneiter,2001:4) The human body became a three dimensional moving canvas, without questioning, selling culture and tradition commercially, selling identity, personality or self narrative. All of which constitutes a true principle or belief of visual language. The term body adornment perfectly explains the need to transform the human body. It simply underlines the meaning to decorate parts of the body either temporarily or for special occasions, extending the body’s natural…show more content…
Geishas knot their sashes low and loosely in order to display their shape. The very aesthetics of kimonos can only be grasped via seasonal coding, as conveyed by catalogues. “Pale green on a dark ground is suited to the month of January, for instance, while pink on a blue ground is appropriate for October”. (Schneiter, 2001: 47) For women to have good taste in clothing, means to focus on the link that binds the individual to surrounding nature and not the shape of the women’s body. In Japan a woman is a symbol of an unearthly creature as poised as a flower and very delicate as a reed. (Schneiter, 2001:

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