Wuthering Heights Nature Vs Nurture Essay

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The debate of nature vs. nurture has been highly discussed for /many years/, whether human nature is completely dependent on genes or it is forged by environmental circumstances. Despite various claims that the issue has been resolved, no clear answer has been agreed on by scholars. Matt Ridley argues in Nature via Nurture that “The discovery of how genes actually influence human behaviour, and how human behaviour influences genes, is about to recast the debate entirely. No longer is it nature versus nurture, but nature via nurture. Genes are designed to take their cues from nurture.” In a way it could be argued that nature is revealed through nurture. It is impossible to know how one’s intact nature is, since such a feature does not exist.…show more content…
The reader is inclined to believe that he is indeed the villain of the story. However, like all human beings, Heathcliff is a complex person and not as terrible as he might seem at first sight. Once young Heathcliff is introduced, the reader starts sympathising with the character. Being offered a view of how this tyrannical man was in his youth leaves room for discussing what might have happened to who at first seemed to be a normal child. And there is where the issue of nature vs. nurture begins. How much of Heathcliff’s nature has changed as a result of his nurture? Would he still be this way had he been treated better during his youth? All these questions are the focus of countless studies on Wuthering Heights but the way they are formulated is not the most adequate one. Heathcliff’s nature has not been changed because of his nurture, instead, his nurture has been channelled through his nature. This can be seen a number of times throughout the

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