Ken Carter's Presentation Of The Themes In The Film, Coach Carter

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The movie, Coach Carter, directed by Thomas Carter was released in 2005. The movie was based on a true story about a man, named Ken Carter, who decides to coach his old high school’s basketball team in Richmond. Carter doesn’t take the position to help the team win games but to give the boys a chance of a better life by enforcing education. Ken Carter does whatever it takes to show the boys that they are capable of a better future for themselves. The film follows the lives of the teenage boys who eventually learn there is more to life than basketball. The director has used a variety of film language and techniques to explore inspiring themes including the importance of teamwork, parenting, and the significance of education. One of the major…show more content…
Parenting is such an important theme because the parents are the role models for their children and they aren’t setting a very good example. After the basketball team had been benched because they didn’t fulfill the requirements of the contract, maintain a 2.3 (C+) average. Coach Carter was upset that the players let him because he was just trying to give them a better future, but the players’ parents were angry because the boys weren’t allowed to play basketball. The parents meet with the council to argue that the gym should be unlocked and the boys allowed playing basketball again. Unfortunately for Coach Carter the gym is unlocked and this shows the parents don’t care about their child’s education. The director has used lighting over Coach Carter and half of the gym to show them as the ‘good guys’ and the parents’ side is darkened as the ‘bad guys’. The use of a long shot in the beginning of the scene shows the setting and emphasises the importance of the meeting. The parents of the Basketball players’ don’t care about the education or whether they go to college or not. But rather that the boys stand out and play basketball in their High School years without caring about the future after High School. This message relates to teenagers all over the world, some teenagers have parents who don’t involve themselves in their child’s life and finds it hard to relate to…show more content…
If you want to play basketball on this team then these are the simple rules you have to follow to enjoy this privilege.” Coach Carter is sending across I very strong message, education is important. The aid of film techniques helps emphasise this message. The director has used mid-shots from behind the parents looking at Coach Carter. This gives you the impression that you are the parent looking straight at Coach Carter. The use of lighting behind Coach Carter draws your focus to him and makes him look like he is very important. The costumes that the characters wear, symbolizes the level of importance they are. Coach Carter wears a formal suit, while the parents and students are more casually dressed. As a student at school, this inspires me to work harder and take my education seriously because before you know it, it is too late to do anything about

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