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d. To develop the ability of students to become a man of independent, creative, and have conception of nationality. e. To develop the school environment as a learning environment that is safe, honest, full of creativity and friendship, and with a high sense of nationality and full strength. Center of Curriculum Agency for Research and Development of the Ministry ofNational Education in the publication entitled Guidelines on Character Education stated that character education is essentially aimed toshape the nation that have tough, competitive, have nobleakhlak, have moral, tolerant, and work together, patriotic, dynamic, oriented to science and technology that all of the are on the basis of faith and fear to God Almighty based on Pancasila.…show more content…
With this principle, students learn through the process of thinking, being, and doing. The third process is intended to develop the ability of learners in social activities and encourage students to see themselves as social…show more content…
Engages the school staff as a learning and moral community that shares responsibility for character education and attempts to adhere to some core values that guide the education of students. i. Fosters shared moral leadership and long range support of the character education initiative. j. Engagesfamilies and community members as partners in character building effort. k. Assesses the character of the school, the school staff’s functioning as character educators, and the extent to which student manifest good character. These are principles used in the development of culture and character national education: a. Sustainable; implies that the process of developing cultural values and character of the nation is a long process, starting from the entry of learner until completion of an education. Indeed, the process begins from the 1st grade or the first year and finish until the end of grade 9 or grade junior high school. Culture and character education in high school is a continuation of a process that has been going on for 9 years. b. Through all subjects, self-development, and school culture; requires that the process of development of cultural values and character of the nation conductin every subjects and extracurricular activities. Development of cultural values and national character through a variety of subjects that have been specified in the Content

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