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C.S. Lewis considers his work That Hideous Strength to be a fictionalization of The Abolition of Man due to the similarities in themes. In the preface of That Hideous Strength, he states “This is a ‘tall story’ about devilry, though it has behind it a serious ‘point’ which I have tried to make in my Abolition of Man” (Lewis 7). Lewis presents three obvious themes or traits in The Abolition of Man, education, natural law or law of nature, and the importance of moral oversight in the sciences, and then puts them into practice in That Hideous Strength. He brings these topics to life through the adventures of his main character Mark Gainsby Studdock and the main aggressive and demonic group called N.I.C.E. Lewis hints at a sense of the apocalypse…show more content…
It ultimately defends science as something of importance towards furthering society but disparages the use of it to discredit the values of science itself. This is looked down upon because that is essentially contradicting itself and creating an invalid argument. C.S Lewis believed that the Western society was rejecting natural law and the moral of right and wrong. He believed this because he saw the rejection being taught in schools of this time period. Lewis did not want this rejection to grow so his goal was an attempt to rescue Western society. Many support the statement that this work is the best defense of the natural law tradition and Lewis states there is an objective moral order in the world and every human is responsible to follow it because every human has an innate understanding of what is fundamentally right vs. wrong. He suggests that this is not just strictly a Western societal issue but in fact a global issue as well. The Abolition of Man is not merely an apologetic for natural law but is also a “reflection on education with special reference to the teaching of English in the Upper forms of school” which is stated precisely in the book’s subtitles that are repeatedly

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