Sprint Nextel Negotiation Essay

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Analysis and Negotiation Strategies of Sprint Nextel: Negotiation is in every part of our life. Simple negotiations such that we have with our parents and friends to more complex negotiations such as asking a boss for a raise, or a promotion all these negotiations requires skills and strategies. In the Sprint Nextel negotiation several strategies were used. All these strategies lead the companies to end the merger. One of the strategies used for the Sprint Nextel merger at first was the integrative negotiation. In order to prepare for the launch of the new corporation, Sprint Nextel collaborated with other agencies. This collaboration eventually created a great value. However, this value also had to be carefully considered and ultimately…show more content…
One of the factors that made this separation was the different technology of the two original companies. The Sprint Nextel merger attempted to combine these two cellphone in one big company. The new company failed because while this integrative intent was there and discussed to have a win-win, it made the companies not only to have a separate networks but also to have separate customers and services provided. The companies never fully integrated. Instead, Sprint took over Nextel, and a new company was formed. The Nextel shareholders were offered lower shares, and the Nextel customers had fewer phone options. The Sprint customer’s never had the benefits of being within Nextel coverage areas. Rather than focusing all components of the merger on integration and collaboration the merger became about the distribution. The focus shifted to how to divide the technologies and resources. The new company tried to offer training and to include consultants but the actual negotiation was not significant or helpful. As a result, the negotiation took on the distributive bargaining features and did not result in an overall integrative or win-win

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