Death In Henry Crane's The Red Badge Of Courage

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War elicits many characteristics out of people that they may not be aware of. This novel takes place in the civil war, where many civilians that were untrained volunteers participated. There they fell into many different predicaments including PTSD, typhoid fever, hunger, and multiple others. Furthermore, they could have traumatizing or disturbing experiences that would permanently wound them beyond their physical health. The main character, Henry, witnessed and lived through these horrible instances during his time in the brutal war. As he enters into battle in The Red Badge of Courage, the reader can discover an alteration of Henry’s sanity through his involvement in war. Henry entered the war on his own volition, believing he would be great, although, he still thought of different possibilities. At the beginning of this endeavor, Henry started to have doubts, “As his imagination went forward to a…show more content…
The book talked of his distractions in these words, “-and instantly ceased to debate the question of his piece being loaded ” (Crane 24). Once Henry began to adjust, reality set in, and he seemed to be reassured momentarily as he knew what he had to do. Although, he seemed to recover from a lapse in judgment, he return to unclear thoughts, “His impotency appeared to him, and made his rage into that of a driven beast ” (Crane 25). In this quote, he quickly came to an uncontrollable and savage condition of behavior. This created actions that no one could foresee. Hallucinations showed up in his thoughts in this form, “He feared that if he turned his back the body might spring up and stealthily pursue him ” (Crane 35). At this point, Henry started to distort reality and his sanity slipped away. The longer he remained in battle and around war, his emotions undulated and therefore his mental health along with it. While traversing many tragedies and upsetting moments, Henry became increasingly

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