Essay On Trust In God

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Displaying faith in God is crucial to live a Christ-like life. Through all time of your life, you must trust that God has a plan. For example, my parents were divorced four years ago. At the time it was terrible, I thought that I would never be happy again. However, I did not abandon God. Instead I placed more faith in him and got through that rough time. In fact I felt closer to God than I ever have. Another great example that came from my grandparents shows even more how rewarding it is to trust in God. A while back when my grandparents were both in Bible College, they were very poor and spent most of their money on their tuition. As a result, they were running out of food. However, they continued to trust in God. Later that week they were invited by a good friend to work at a camp. They knew there would be food, and they would get to teach the Bible so they accepted. Once they got back, at their dorm door was a bag of groceries. In addition was an…show more content…
In Florida, only 164 out of 467 schools teach creationism. If you are in one of the schools that instead favorite’s evolution it is important to display your faith boldly. If you are being taught against God know that what you read from the Bible is true and continue listening to your class. If you are called directly to answer a question that goes against your beliefs don’t be scared and simply say that you do not agree what is being taught. Personally I have been in this situation. Before P.E.P I attended a school that predominantly taught evolution. I was asked by the teacher how long the Earth has been here. I was hesitant at first but then said that I believe in the Bible so I think it has only been around for about 10,000 years. We both agreed to disagree and we let it go. At these schools and even P.E.P some of your friends or students might not believe in God. At my old school I had some friends
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