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Guide to buying a wedding band Why your wedding ring has to be the most perfect accessory of your life? The answer is simple- your wedding ring would symbolise your commitment that you’ll want to sustain for the lifetime and beyond, so it’s got to be ideal and faultless! Whether you want a traditional wedding band or something more distinctive like a vintage band, follow our top tips and learn how to decide on the right style for you and your partner. When shopping for a pre-set wedding bands,it's easy to be influenced by finely tuned emotions, romanticised examples from books, magazines or movies, and yes, the marketing of the diamond industry. Under such immense anxiety, you may just end up with diamond wedding bandsthat are just not the right one. So before you start…show more content…
Setting A bezel or flushsetting for a diamond wedding bands are moresafe, on the other hand a prong setting permits more light to drive through the diamond. To be precise, a solitaire diamond ring with a prong setting generates more sparkle and brilliance. Wedding bands with a bezel setting or a flush set diamond display only the topmost of the gems with anamusing edge round it, making it less possible to hook your diamond ring on garments. 4. Metal Should you opt for plain platinum wedding bands, women platinum wedding bands, white gold wedding bands, silver or for a customary yellow gold wedding ring? Gold- be it a white or yellow, is the most pervasive and enduring selection. We do not endorse you buying wedding bands cast in gold purer than 18 carats because a 24 carat (minimum of 99%) gold is very soft, which can lead to faster and more far-reaching damage and warping. 18 carat gold is prepared by mingling 75% gold with 25% other metals. Start with selecting the precise metal for your wedding band. There is a great deal of possibilitiesobtainable online, all with miscellaneous properties and elegances that make certain section more appropriate than others. Shaped wedding

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