The Importance Of Careers In Work And Life

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The process of industrialization in the nineteenth century and economic growth had impact on the people's life style. People unnecessary to work all day. People got extra time. This situation crated a new activities that we common called hobby these days. hobby is getting increasingly diversified everyday. Thereby hobby had become lot of function. Some work might be a "job" for soe people but for others, it might be just a hobby. For example, fishing, sports. People often think hobby is just enjoy things and it doesn't affect them as another function. People usually think only hard and difficult things will help for them. Like as people do not believe medicine is sweet. They think a bitter medicine is real medicine and it is more effect than…show more content…
Because teenagers can't experience job. Without experience job, they can't understand what is it. Adults have many experience about society and job. Nowadays adults say for their child, "Doing what you want." hobby is help you to find what you want and able to extend into the job. Leslie Godwin is a Career & Life-Transition Coach specializing in helping people put their families, values, and principles first when making career and life choices and author of,"From Burned Out to Fired Up: A Woman's Guide to Rekindling the Passion and Meaning in Work and Life" said a hobby may not be deep enough to provide the ongoing potential that you'll need to tap to find it fascinating, challenging, and meaningful in 15 or 20 years from now. Of course it depends on your hobby, but if you are brainstorming ideas for your new career path, I recommend you list lots of ideas and choose one or two to explore that have the most potential, as well as those that really draw you in. And another effect for teenagers is prevent teenagers take evil way. All young children go through a stormy period of adolescence. This period is very important. Teenagers who smoking and drinking started in this period. Healthy hobbies are led teenagers to positive

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