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Tease by Amanda Maciel is a novel that dives into the subject of bullying in high schools. The book is based around the tragic suicide of Emma Putnam, who was teased and bullied mercilessly because of her multiple relationships. The book takes place from the point of view of one of the bullies, Sara Wharton, who faces criminal charges for Emma’s suicide. Tease centers around Sara and the other four teens being held responsible for the suicide, most of it being held in an attorney and therapist’s office, and flashing back to months before and leading up to the suicide, and flashing back to Sara’s present. The book is a build up to the final trial, in which Sara and the others agree to a plea bargain. From the introductory paragraph you can conclude that one of the main themes in this book is bullying in high schools. I think Maciel did a wonderful job depicting the bullying problem in high schools across America. It’s sad, really, that there can be a book…show more content…
In the final courtroom chapter, where the plea bargains and apologies are being said to the family of Emma Putnam, you can see a shift in perspective from Sara. She goes from hating Emma for taking the easy way out, to realizing that she can hate all she wants but that she will carry the death of a girl, that was somewhat her fault, forever. Whether it’s going off to college, or a trip to the grocery store, people will look at Sara like she killed Emma Putnam. And maybe she did, or had a hand in it at least. But Sara knows how fortunate she is that she is able to move on from this terrible incident, where as Emma Putnam will never, and for that I believe that Sara Wharton is an okay person who got caught up in a very mean game, and I’m thankful that Tease has this unconventional perspective of a

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