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Lifestyle of a Sadhu In Hinduism, one way of life is asceticism. A sadhu, also spelled saddhu, is a monk, a religious ascetic and a Hindu holy man. The term sadhu originated from Sanskrit language meaning “to accomplish” or “leading to goal”. Sometimes sadhus are referred to sannayasi or vairagi. Sadhus have been in Hinduism for around 2000 years. In ancient Vedic verses, they are referred to “the long haired ones” and also “the silent ones”. Being religiously ascetic, they abstain from materialistic things and pleasure. Their ultimate goal is Moksha or to be liberated which is the fourth stage of life. Sadhus are devoted to the spiritual matters only. In the past, only Brahmins were allowed to become sadhus but in present time, any person…show more content…
The first type is Shaiva sadhus. Shaiva sadhus are devoted to Shiva, the destroyer God in the Trimurti (Trinity God). These sadhus wear a Tripundra mark, a body painted art originated in India, on their forehead. Sadhus paint their skin and face with sandalwood dyes. They also wear saffron in orange or red color. There are many subgroups of the Shaiva sadhus. One of them is the Aghori. They follow spiritual rites involving the dead. Shaiva sadhus may impersonate Shiva by carrying a trisula, a human skull, and may also smear his body with the ashes that are the human cremation ashes. It represents their acceptance of Shiva and death as a part of life. The second type is a Vaishnava sadhu who are devoted to Visnhu, the preserver God. These sadhu are also referred to as vairagis. A Vaishnava sadhu may have a chakra, to represent Vishnu’s weapon, and sankha, Visnhu’s instrument of protection and power. They may have a tulasi plant or a salagrama stone to represent the essence of Visnhu and his wife, Laksmi. Generally most sadhus have similar clothing and appearance. They usually wear orange or yellow robes. Some do not wear anything clothes. They may grow their hair and never cut it. The most conservative sadhus, nagas, wears only loin cloth as their garment. They have long locks of hair that is similar to dreadlocks. Some sadhus may tie up their hair into a knot on top of their…show more content…
They can live together in mathas, which is the monasteries, or they can live isolatedly in caves or small huts. Sadhus can also wander throughout the country in small groups or by his/herself. Sadhus are founded in Varanasi, the sacred city. Sadhus gathered themselves on important religious occasions or event, such as fairs or lunar eclipses. One festival that sadhus from all part of India gathered is Kumbh Mela. It take places along the holy River Ganges. Sadhus of each sects reunited in this event. Non-sadhu also attend the festival. It is considered unlucky for a sadhu to attend a Hindu wedding because sadhu represents infertility and celibacy meaning that they are abstain themselves from being involved in marriage and sexual relations. Sadhus devoted their life to meditation. They voluntarily give out help by wandering from place to place. Sadhus live a simple lifestyle. They survive by leftover food and drinks from who they begged from or is donated. Sadhus have specific rules as well. For example, they do not visit the same place twice on different days because they do not want to bother the residents in the area. Also they follow a rule which allow them to grow hair in five areas which includes head, jaw, chin, armpits, and pubic

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