The Importance Of Bullying With Cyberbullying

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Cyber-bullying; noun; the use of electronic communication to bully a person, typically by sending messages of an intimidation or threatening nature. About 47 percent of kids report being cyber-bullied. Can schools be held responsible for dealing with cyberbullies? I believe so! In my opinion, schools have a responsibility to educate on cyber-bullying as well as intervene in certain instances of cyber-bullying. This is because parents trust their children's safety in the hands of the school, so the school should have some responsibility regarding situations like cyber-bullying, which often impacts a student's mental health. However, some people argue that the school shouldn't be held accountable for things regarding cyber-bullying, because…show more content…
When a child is left in someone's care, that person is trusted with the child's safety. Since cyber-bullying can trigger violence and suicide, it could be a mental health risk, which also puts the student's safety at risk. This creates an obligation for schools to step in. This could help because schools have the power to punish a student for his or her actions, which can act as a disciplinary shove in the right direction for the student doing the cyber-bullying. Some people may argue that the school has no responsibility in these incidents because they believe it's only the parents' duty to deal with things that don't happen at school, but I believe this isn't true. First of all, nothing cyber is ever only in one place (in this case, home). Kids bring their phones to school so the negativity and mean messages stay with them. Second of all, some parents just don't care. Some parents let their kids do whatever they want and are very irresponsible when it comes to disciplining their child. You can't trust that every kid's parents will care that their child's a cyberbully. They may not put forth absolutely any effort to put a stop to the harassment their child is doing. Perhaps it should be a first-offense, second-offense system. The first offense could mean a call to the parents, and the second offense could put the situation in the hands of the

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