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“Is this what we need”, a political cartoon was published on January of 2014 in the Bahamas on a website called weblogbahamas.com. The political cartoon was designed to invoke awareness of what VAT has contributed to our country’s economic demise. This political cartoon was aimed at Bahamians, mainly towards eligible voters who can change the country’s leadership. The political cartoon has a big black boot labelled “VAT” stepping on several persons with dollar signs all around. The people signified the economy and the boot symbolizes VAT. The cartoon was simply illustrating how “VAT” is doing nothing but putting a strain on the Bahamian economy. The cartoon is entitled is solely self-explanatory because the illustrator believes that…show more content…
The illustrator directed the cartoon to all conscientious Bahamians but mainly to eligible voters, so that they would vote the current party in the next general election because the current governing party is the one initiated VAT. This political cartoon was created a year before the implantation of VAT to predict how it would affect Bahamians for example, their monies will now be minimized as oppose to if there wasn’t VAT. The brilliance of the colors played an important factor in the cartoon being so affective. The first thing that captures a human eye is color. The author of the cartoon displayed colorful cartoons because a lot of people respond to colors and imagery before they would decide to read a whole long story. Being short, simple, and straight to the point carried this political cartoon a long way. As a result, children in junior high can also look at the cartoon and immediately obtain an idea of what the cartoon is all about. The cartoon was also effective because it was displayed on the Internet and various Bahamian blogs objective was to target the audience of young and mature Bahamians. The illustrator played on emotions as well, because of how the boot (VAT) which is a symbolism that is stomping on Bahamians and how it’s just not the black Bahamians but white Bahamians as well. It also alters the way how Bahamians are…show more content…
The basis of a political cartoon is to reveal a current issue that is going on in the country and to provoke some social conscientious thinking. It also presented a small insight in one of our major issue in the country and how it would be better to discard of it or put it on hiatus until the Bahamian people are equipped for it. The mood or tone of this political cartoon would be critical because the illustrator pointed out a social problem which is VAT, to bring a better change or a more suitable

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