The Importance Of Bats

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Technological innovation has played an increasingly important role in today’s society and has completely changed the way people live. Advances in technology have not only made life easier and improved the standards of living for many people, but it has also opened up many new possibilities. It has given people the chance to achieve things that could only be dreamed of in the past. Scientists have already created technology that have helped the partially paralyzed to walk again and the deaf to hear again. Now, they are looking into technology that will help the blind somewhat regain their sense of sight. Many innovations such as Braille code and walking sticks have already made life easier for the visually impaired, but some scientists believe that they can venture even further and help the blind to see again. Scientists are always looking towards nature for new…show more content…
One reason is that they are nocturnal, so it would be very difficult for the bats to spot prey in the dark with just their eyes alone. Another reason why bats need echolocation to survive is that they feast mainly on smaller animals and insects, which are hard to spot when they are flying high above them. As a result, they rely on echolocation to both navigate in the darkness and to find food. Echolocation not only allows the bats to determine the location of an object, but also the nature of an object. Bats have the ability to determine the distance, the size, and the direction of an object through echolocation. They are so adept at processing the soundwaves that they can even find out which way the object is facing and whether or not it is moving just through the echoes. Bats can utilize echolocation to find out whether an object is a small insect or a tree. Echolocation is a key aspect to the survival of bats because it allows them to navigate easily in the dark and to fly at high speeds while dodging

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