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Birthday traditions vary from country to country. Hispanic birthday traditions include intricate decorations, pinatas, traditional food, quinceaneras, and birthday taps. Some traditions are very similar to American birthday traditions such as having grand parties with many friends and family members. Although a fraction of birthday traditions are more specific to countries, many spanish-speaking countries share the same birthday customs. One of the most popular birthday traditions would be Las Mananitas, which is a hispanic birthday song. It has many different verses but they follow the same rhythm. In America, we usually sing happy birthday right before the cake is cut, but Las Mananitas is sung usually to wake up the person with a birthday and before cake. In some countries, like in Bolivia for example, the song is performed as a serenade, usually around midnight. Young men also serenade their girlfriends with this beautiful song. Las Mananitas is also sung on holidays.…show more content…
It is meant to acknowledge the young girl’s journey from childhood to maturity and involves God, family, friends, music, food, and dance. Of course, not every Quinceanera is the same but there are similarities between many. A Quinceanera traditionally begins with a religious ceremony, then a reception is held in the home or a banquet hall. There is usually plenty of music and food but most importantly the dance performed by her, her father, and her court. Usually the young lady chooses her closest friends and family to participate in the Court of Honor. It can be all girls, all young men, or a combination of both. The guest of honor commonly wears a ball gown with her court dressed in gowns and tuxedos. At the end of the party, guests receive small tokens to remember the

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