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What They Do Surgeons generally diagnose and treat patients with injuries and/or injuries corresponding to their specialties, Surgeons typically do some of the following jobs: check medical history of patients, update patient charts according to their work on patient, order tests to be done on patient, review tests for abnormalities, find treatment plan that both the hospital staff and patient and family are comfortable with, answer and questions or concerns the patient and/ or family may have, and rehabilitate their patient’s health. These jobs are just the general tasks the patient must perform on a daily basis. A surgeon would not be a surgeon if they didn’t perform surgery. A surgeon must perform surgery, using a variety of instruments,…show more content…
You could work in a hospital, for the government, etc. Your options are varied and they all come with your pros and cons. Surgeons are on high demand, if there is an incoming trauma and they say, “ All hands on deck,” you better believe you’re in there, not that a surgeon wouldn’t want to. Being a surgeon is a full time job, if it wasn’t then you should probably get your money back for all that hard work and all that schooling you had to pay for, but it’s not an easy job either. Surgeons work long, hard hours, and overtime, into the long hours of the night. I mean saving lives isn’t a 1, 2, 3 you’re done kind of thing. It takes time and hard work and you better be ready and on your game. Don’t get it twisted; you may not ALWAYS be in your office or in your hospital. There may be times where you need to go to other hospitals or other to a place where you will be challenged differently. Being a surgeon is challenging on its own, but adds in a few mishaps and your personal drama on top of it all, and you’ve got chaos and stress to the max. In the end, it’s all worth it, even if you lost every patient that day or a patient you have had for years has passed, Knowing that you are saving people’s life on a daily is pretty dope, even if those long hours get to

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