The All-Star Game Analysis

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The 2014 Triple A All Star Games in Durham, North Carolina is an example of one of the more iconic tradition in American sports, the All Star Game. The ritual of All-Star festivities in professional sports is common among all of the major professional sports league. The MLB, NFL, and NBA all have varying forms and degrees of All-Star Festivities. An All Star Game and the events that surround it are held to celebrate the best athletes, the best venues, and the game itself. In 1933, the first professional all star game in American History was held in Chicago for the World’s fair. Since then, american professional sports have ingrained the idea of an all-star game in nearly every sport. The Triple A All Star Game has been the only time I’ve…show more content…
For a player to be selected on to an all-star game on any level pushes their career to the next level. It is a change of status from being an average athlete to being one of the best players in that sport. Each time a player is selected onto the roster, whether its the 1st or the 10th time, it reaffirms the idea that they are among the bests that the sport has to offer. Its also a rite of passage for the city and the stadium. Most All-Star games for baseball leagues are held in venues of brand new stadiums or newly renovated stadiums. The Durham Bull’s stadium had been newly renovated. A stadium hosting the All-Star Game shows its status symbol of being one of the best stadiums in the league. The All-Star Game breaks in the new or renovated stadium. The all-star game is a right of passage for the city because it also shows that this is city that can hold a professional sports team. It gives that city a chance to show what makes it unique and be know as part of the league. This all-star game was a rite of passage for the city, players, and the…show more content…
American society favors individuality and independence from others in most areas of our culture. The all-star game has the theme of individuality, because individual players not teams are selected to be an all-star (even though Royals’ fans have a different idea). Sports with all-star festivities are mainly about teamwork and team unity, but the all-star game is one of the few chances many athletes are recognized for their individual contributions to their team. Individuality is also show, particularly in baseball, in the rotation of where the all-star game is held every year. It gives the local team and city a chance to show the rest of the league what makes their city and stadium unique and different. Shots of the stadium and the skyline to local businesses and artists performing during the festivities, these things show the importance of individuality to the all-star game. Competition in American culture is also shown in the All-Star game. The players are on teams that compete against each other outside of the all-star festivities, but they are also competing against players at the same position throughout the league. The all-star game shows that during any point another player can replace another as the best at that position on any given year even if their half season or so is a fluke. This shows their is a constant need to compete every game to

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