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“Reflection of Eden, My Years with Orangutans of Borneo” is one of famous book who Dr Birute Mary Galdikas Filomena as the author through her experienced where she observed and demonstrate their dynamic social behavior start young until their get older to be a loner. 97% human in the sense orangutans share of their genes with us (Dr. Birute Galdikas, 2012). Galdikas is a modern primatology, nature conservation, etiology specialist and the third of “Leakey’s Angel” where inspire to Jane Goodall’s work with chimpanzee but her work related to the study and preservation of orangutan. She was born in 1946 in Germany and as a child with curiosity instinct, she start learned that human shared an ancestor with the other great apes and wondering where…show more content…
These long-lived primates reproduce really slow that can stay reproductively healthy for a long time. She discovered the long period baby orangutans incredibly maintain intense relationships with mother learning how to survive with dangers and different ways of finding and preparing food. For 4 years baby orangutans cling to their mother’s but remain with mother for nine years. In lifetime the female perhaps have 4 offspring in lifetime. Their life span 30 to 70…show more content…
Orangutans are generally quieter than other higher primates. 15 orangutans vocalization have been recorded by scientist for example the long call, sequence of roars and groans that can carry a mile and used to define his territory and space himself from other orangutans (Birute Galdikas, 1996). They also make gesture such as suck their lips and do a goofy look on their face when see a friend. But throwing branches when see an invander. Flanged adult males use their pendulous laryngeal sacs as a resonating chamber for the long call parts of which sound like a loud

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