The Importance Of Attachment In The Early Years

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Attachment is a strong bond that exists between a child and its parents or caregivers. It involves them both sharing a comfort and support for one another. This bond is especially important for both the child and caregiver at times of stress or fear as this is when we seek comfort and security the most. The attachment is required to work both ways and they must both be fulfilling the needs of each other. It is important to form a good attachment with your infant at an early age as the type of attachment they have will have a great effect on them in later years. In this essay I am going to discuss how attachment develops overtime and why it is important for a child to have formed a secure attachment in their early years. I will also talk about the different types of attachment and discuss some theories of attachment. John Bowlby was psychoanalyst who carried out research on attachment. He thought that a persons’ mental health and behavior problems would always trace back to their early years and the kind of attachment they had with their caregivers. Bowlby’s theory was that children had come into the world already programmed to form attachments with others in their lives. Bowlby was influenced by Konrad Lorenz when he came up with…show more content…
The outcome of these different experiments tell us that children are likely to have a far more enjoyable and successful life and they will generally have more successful relationships if they are given the right love and affection from their caregivers or parents in their early years. Although secure attachment is very important to form in early years if you do not have a secure attachment when you are younger it is not to say that you are doomed and have no way of having a successful life or secure relationships in your later years it just may take a lot more work and

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