The Importance Of Art

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Art is created to make feel you something. Whether it is disgust, rage, devastation or even joy, as long as it is the artist's deliberation, you may call it art, Art is something which is meant to evoke emotion. It is a representation of what the artist sees. It could be realistic or abstract. Art is a diverse range of human activities and the products of those activities, usually involving imaginative and technical skills. Everything you do is an art in some way, like the way you perform an activity is an individual art. What you see and understand from it is also an art, looking at things from different perspective. When you talk, how you talk is also an art. So overall there is no such thing as what cannot be an art as everything is an…show more content…
Also, art is one of the results or products of human activity. Art helps us to know and comprehend the world around us and share our impressions of other people, however art is life. What is beautiful to you might not be beautiful to me so art is the way of judging beauty in visual objects. Art has something to do with feelings, with the need of rethink your own life and try something new. It has to make you feel the need of change. Art is nothing more and nothing less than the creative ability of individuals to express their understanding of some aspect of private or public. Knowing the difference between good and bad art can be difficult. You can’t always trust the art experts, many times it’s hard to even understand them. Since we believe that it’s important to make up your own mind about art. However, If the viewer feels that the artist works for himself, he is affected, but if he feels that the artist is not infected, but is trying to influence him, the viewer feels a resistance, and is repelled instead. All can be summed up in a word sincerity. The artist should be impelled by an inner need to express his feeling. Now, just as the evolution of knowledge proceeds by truer and more necessary knowledge displacing previous knowledge, so the evolution of feeling proceeds through art feelings more kind and needful to humanity replace the older feelings. That is the purpose of art. In every age there exists an understanding of the meaning of life which represents the highest level which has been

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