The Importance Of Art In Art

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Even though I do see myself as a fairly optimistic person there are times that occur more than I would like where I do end up feeling horrible. During these times that contrast greatly with my usual state, there is usually one thing that I can use to drown out the world when it feels too overbearing; art. Art has been something that has always come naturally to me even if I may not be as good as those who have been able to take lessons in order to become closer to professionals in terms of skills. This, however, does not prevent me from wanting to relentlessly improve myself in different ways which sometimes ends up being carried over to other parts of my life outside just drawing or painting. Everyone is met with independent reasons as to…show more content…
Things that other people usually find easy to overcome tend to be something I may find myself struggling with and the same tasks that others may find perplexing are those that I usually get praise for being able to execute. I am not good at everything but there are things that I can easily pick up and make it my own by putting in less effort. This generally refers to anything that has to do with artistic expression, whether it be through what you feel, hear, or see. It is all about tapping into what you know about yourself and the world around you rather than calculations or “right answers.” There are works that can be interpreted or have meanings to individuals that may alter depending on their emotions or personality are what I usually find the most interesting in life. In a lot of ways art reminds me of people, it is full of contradictions and endless potential which allows it to…show more content…
It acts as a type a therapy in a way when I feel unsure of my own abilities and life in general. It is the one thing where I feel better about myself whenever I see myself improving in either my skills or techniques or maybe style. Most people think that going to art is easy and simple to create but like anything else it takes time and effort in order to create anything worth wanting. Knowing that, I feel successful whenever I finish a product and others end up finding themselves gazing at it as I know that I was able to grab their attention. This skill to create can apply to many types of work out in the world as well from graphic design to architecture and animation. There are just so many possibilities and I like the idea that I am open to all of

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