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A Review of Scenario Planning Tools for Urban Planning; Challenges and Opportunities for Pakistan M. Q. Hussnain, Dr. Abdul Waheed Department of Urban & Regional Planning, National University of Science and Technology, Islamabad Corresponding author e-mail: plannerqadeer@gmail.com Abstract The level of complexity, uncertainty and subjectivity involved in urban planning process has created the need for computer assisted planning support systems (PSS). Scenario Planning tools are a subset of PSS which help urban planners understand, analyze and illustrate alternate plans. In the developed part of the world, there is a growing trend of PSS utilization to resolve complex planning problems. However, in Pakistan, this concept has not penetrated…show more content…
However, in most cases, the effects of many decisions, to be made by the planner, are practically unknown or at best unclear. The high level of complexity, uncertainty and subjectivity involved in urban plan development makes it extremely difficult for planners to foresee the consequences of their decisions [1]. One way of facilitating the plan development process, and potentially improving the decision-making, is developing a Planning Support System (PSS) that combines artificial intelligence with a gamut of computational tools that support the process [2]. Last twenty years have witnessed considerable progress in theory and practices of PSS. PSS are being applied slowly and often painfully to real planning problems worldwide. A large (if unknowable) number of `one off ' models have been developed and applied by planning academics and professionals the world over. A smaller number of systems have been matured enough that they are available either free or as `commercial-off-the-shelf'' packages…show more content…
These computer-based land use evaluation tools are usable at multiple scales, including the site, district, city, and region. They can be applied quickly to illustrate and analyze land use and transportation alternatives based on indicators related to a community’s goals and issues. Users of these tools typically create scenarios of future conditions in their community or region, frequently based on the expected impacts of public policies that will define a future urban form and transportation network. They then use the tool to assess how well each scenario aligns with the community’s goals for the future

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