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Digestive system, also known as hollow system, is one of the most vital organ systems and very much uniquely structured system found in most of the organisms even the primitive ones. The main function of it is to digest the food material consumed into smaller molecules, so that the cells can obtain those nutritious molecules to proceed with their usual metabolism and perform their functions. For such wonderful purpose, the digestive system has been designed with various specialized structures that would aid the main aim of nutrient allocation to each and every single cell in body. This special system begins to function when the food particle is in mouth until the nutrients being absorbed in by the small intestine. This long…show more content…
The mouth also includes tongue will is a muscular organ with the mass of interlacing skeletal muscle, connective tissue. The surface of a tongue which is the mucosa (pink and moist) appears to be rough because of the presence of many papillae which consists of a vast number of taste buds on them. These taste bud actually connects the nerves and that is the why tongue is one of the very sensitive organ. The tongue is attached at the back of our mouth by hyoid bone. This tongue also plays a significant role in the process of digestion where it will move the food particles in the mouth while chewing just to make sure all the particles has been grinded well before pushing them into the oesophagus. It also aids in the formation of food bolus where it role the chewed food particles and once the bolus is formed it will push them into the pharynx in an act known as swallowing. The saliva is secreted by the salivary glands to keep the parts moist and it moistens the food particles, so that it can move along the oesophagus smoothly, as well as to create food bolus, so that it can be easily swallowed into the oesophagus. This saliva contains salivary amylase enzyme which is responsible in breaking down the starch into simpler sugar such as maltose and

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