Racial Profiling Thesis

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Racial Profiling, it happens to everyone at some point in their lives whether they know it or not. Its when people use race or ethnicity as an excuse for suspecting someone of having committed an offense. Sadly there isn't a stop to it because people will always have their opinion but we can do something about it or at least try to do something about it.It mostly happens to people with a different skin color or if they look different. It also happens anywhere like your job in a school or even in the streets Racial profiling (thesis) In the past, there have been certain issues that actually made the problem of racial profiling as bad as it is today.Like 9/11. Since 9/11 was a terrorist act people have been very skeptical about people of color…show more content…
“Yes, schools” it goes to as small as preschools to as big as colleges.In the article “racial profiling in preschool”by the editorial board “In the study, the Yale researchers showed teachers a dozen brief video clips of four well-behaved preschool-aged children, two boys, one black and one white, and two girls, one black and one white, working and playing together in a classroom. Though the children were behaving calmly, the teachers were asked to look for signs of behavior that might become problematic.”. They were paying more attention to a black little boy more than any other kid just because he was black that's not fair. It's like if a teacher has a whole bunch of students and some white kid where bully a little girl and an African American kid tried to defend her they would only see the black kid doing something bad when in reality he was just defending the girl. In the same article, it said “The Yale study is consistent with previous research suggesting that teachers tend to see “acting out” by black children as more threatening than similar behavior in white children, and thus deserving of disproportionately harsher punishments.”. why the teacher has to punish them harsher just because they were black it should matter if a white kid does the same thing as the other one they should be getting the same punishment no matter what it's not fair for the other kid. In the article “ to the Chicago police, any black kid is in a…show more content…
When people walk in the street other people are always judging about how they look or anything else. It even happens when you enter the shops. In the article “ profiling complaints by black shoppers” by J David Goodman it said “But along with the increase in cases, complaints began to surface from black shoppers who said they were victims of racial profiling in the store, on Madison Avenue. At least one shopper has filed a lawsuit against Barneys, and other plans too.” The stricter they got with the law the more complicated started to pop up because the workers started to ask questions and started to stop people that look suspicious. But according to them the ones looking mostly suspicious where white people. Also in the article, it stated that “In his suit, Mr. Christian said the trouble occurred on April 29 after he bought a Salvatore Ferragamo belt with his Chase debit card. Several blocks away on Fifth Avenue, he said, he was stopped by plainclothes police officers.The officers questioned his ability to pay for the belt, valued at about $350, and said the debit card must have been a fake, according to the suit. Mr. Christian was handcuffed and taken to the 19th Precinct station house where he was held, according to the suit, for about two hours before being freed.” This guy was stopped because he had bought a pretty expensive belt, but the police must have thought that he must have stolen the card that he paid with because

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