Blue Ocean Strategy Analysis

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Many companies are familiar with the red oceans and feel accustomed to competition. However the main challenge companies face thereby is their incapacity to create new demand or expand their market share. The Blue Ocean Strategy offers users a framework for creating uncontested market space and change the focus from the current competition to creation of innovative value and demand. The theoretical analysis reviews the core basics of the Blue Ocean Strategy, distinguishing between red and blue oceans. Here the focus lies on the opinion of the authors, the Blue Ocean Strategy tools used, the awakening method and exploration on the theory. In the practical part of the research the Blue Ocean Strategy is tested on its reliability using a three…show more content…
The tool helps designing value curves The value curve is the core component of the strategy canvas. It is the visual definition of an organizations performance within the industry. A well defined value curve is described with focused, divergences but also having a compelling tag line. The strategy canvas illustrates two axes. The vertical axis shows the offering level that customers receive across all of the key factors, while the horizontal axis captures the range of factors that the industry competes…show more content…
Firstly, Telemedicine for behavioral health. Using hub and spoke models to perform remote telemedicine psychiatric evaluations of patients. This is efficient and less expensive than face-to-face care. This is service differentiation and value in a changing market. Secondly is Single stay rooms. Opened one of the few “single stay” wards in the pharmacy At Providence, the patient remains in one room for the entire hospital stay after heart surgery. The equipment, supplies, and personnel are brought to the patient’s bedside. As the patient progresses and improves, intensive monitoring equipment gives way to physical therapy equipment. Patient satisfaction with the “single stay” ward has soared and the average length of a pharmacy stay has dropped by 1 day. Thirdly is Hello Health. This is a new company that mixes office and online visits to give patients personal attention from their neighborhood doctor when and how they want it. It is Web-based patient communication, practice management, and electronic health record in one. Designed for office practices, it includes instant messaging, e-mail, video visits, documentation, and scheduling. Fourthly is Highmark. A Blue Pharmacy insurer rolled out the nation’s first prepaid gift card designed specifically for health care expenses. It

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