Romeo And Juliet's Death Scene Analysis

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Romeo and Balthazar arrived at the Capulet vault. Balthazar raised his torch to look at the tools he brought with him. “Balthazar, give me the pickaxe and crowbar,” Romeo said hurriedly. Balthazar handed the tools to him. “And take this letter to my father early in the morning,” said Romeo, as he grabbed the tools. Wondering what the letter was for, Balthazar slipped it into his pocket. “Give me the torch,” ordered Romeo. It was late at night in the graveyard but following his master’s orders was Balthazar’s duty so he reluctantly handed the torch to Romeo. “One last thing,” said Romeo with a fierce look in his eyes, “whatever you see or hear, I command you to stay away and not interrupt me. The reason I came to this tomb is partially to see my wife’s…show more content…
“Your majesty, here lies Count Paris killed, Romeo dead, and Juliet, who was dead before, warm like she was newly killed. And here are a friar and Romeo’s servant with tools to open the tomb,” explained the first constable as Montague arrived. “Bring the suspects forward,” ordered the Prince. Friar Lawrence explained what happened to Romeo and Juliet to prove his innocence. “Can Romeo’s servant add anything on to this?” the Prince asked once he was done. “I brought the news of Juliet’s death to my master. He told me to give this letter to his father as soon as possible and threatened to kill me if I interfered with his actions before entering the vault,” explained Balthazar, handing the letter to the Prince. The Prince read the letter. “This letter confirms the Friar’s words. Montague! Capulet! Do you see how your hate has killed your children?” the Prince asked. The two sobbing families then, shook hands and promised to build statues of their children to commemorate them. “There will never be a story more tragic than this story of Romeo and Juliet,” said the Prince as a spark of peace broke through the air of

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