Segmentation, Targeting And Segmentation

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8.1 Segmentation, targeting and positioning According to Dunbar (2005:10-15) it is quite obvious that different consumers are willing to buy different goods. In order to meet these different needs our organization has identified the audience who are likely to respond positive to the product. It role segmentation is to identify and measure how the necessary information will be communicated to reach or be made available to the target audience. This plan will focus on three segmentation targeting. Demographics reflect measurable population characteristics such as age, income and gender. Geographic segment is based on demographic characteristics of consumers who reside within geographic cluster such areas, city and country. The premise underlying…show more content…
Targeting Targeting allows marketing communicators to deliver their messages precisely and prevent wasted coverage on people falling outside the targeted market (Shimp.2007:98). In geographic segment we target adults in rural and urban areas. In demographics segment our main target audience is all adults ranging from 23-45 years, also identified as the working class/students. In psychographic segment, we look at attitudes, lifestyle, personality and values of our audience. In behavioral segment the organasation found that the target group is first time users and also regular users. Our organasition aims to target supermarkets, cinemas, bars and restaurants to improve our visibility.…show more content…
Positioning is the perception created in the consumer’s mind regarding the nature of the company and its products relative to the competition. () Stability- involves the maintenance of status of achieving growth with our product. Aloe-Vera has hope for fixed set of loyal consumers. Consumers typically form their understanding of the product and its benefits over a period of time using information from a variety of sources; hence it is important to create a good image. Differentiation- Aloe-Vera product is unique. Our organisation attempts to develop new product that are unique in the industry, hence introduction of new flavors. Our packaging is vital, one of the first experience the consumers gets with the product is the look and feel of the packaging. 9. The 4 Ps According toMcDonald(2005;29)the first thing is to look at the product offered. Product decisions are the first decisions to be made before making any marketing plan. Pricing of a product depends on a lot of different variables and hence it is constantly updated. Place refers to the distribution channel of a product. The place where the product is distributed depends on the product and pricing. Promotions include advertising and sales promotions and depend a lot on the product and pricing decision, also highly influenced by the budget. Promotions also decide the segmentation

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