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“The hands came, and the pain came with them and through them. Jonas braced himself and entered the memory which was torturing the Giver.” (pg 130) That was an example of what memories are like to Jonas and also the Giver. To be individual means to understand the joy of being one who is, special, unique, and proud. “But he lied to me!” Jonas wept. “It’s what he was told to do, and he knows nothing else.” (pg 192) This is what you feel like when you get to experience feeling but then Jonas realized that him and the Giver are the only people in their community with feelings and have already been sharing them for about a year. Sameness is total control over everything to make it all the same. The community that Jonas lives in is all about sameness. That’s why they don’t have memories because if they did they would also have feelings and their feelings would be different than each others so they would break the chain of sameness. Everyone looks alike. Everyone follows the same rules. Everyone believes the same things. Jonas expresses his wish that he and everyone else in the community had the option to choose. But, as The Giver reminds him, the people did choose: They chose Sameness. And the government makes sure that everybody is comfortable and all the same.…show more content…
The memories are a collective consciousness. They are the community’s history, and they are stored in the Receiver of Memory. Each Receiver eventually becomes a Giver, passing the memories on to the next Receiver when he is twelve. "There's much more. There's all that goes beyond – all that is Elsewhere – and all that goes back, and back, and back. I received all of those, when I was selected. And here in this room, all alone, I re-experience them again and again. It is how wisdom comes. And how we shape our future." (chapter 10) The Giver is explaining to Jonas how wisdom comes and in a way, how to shape Jonas’s future. (Why are memories

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