The Giver Passage Analysis

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Lea Vilna-Santos Mrs. English, 7th September 1st, 2015 The Giver, by: Lois Lowry Log Entry 2: Chapters 3-4: Question 4: In chapters 3 and 4, Jonas volunteers at the House of the Old and talks to one of the Olds about a recent release. As usual, while Jonas bathes the Old they like to tell stories. This time Larissa, the Old he is bathing, tells him about Roberto’s release. Jonas had met Roberto before and thought he was a very interesting man.. Larissa explains that he had a great release because he had an honorable life. He was an Instructor of Elevens and part of the Planning Committee. He also designed the Central Plaza and raised two successful children. But not all releases are as interesting as Roberto’s. Some can be very boring

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