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Lessons from The Giver Living in a world where nobody has memories, nobody knows about the past only The Giver and The Receiver know, would that really be a Utopian world? In this ¨Utopian” world, nobody can see color, everyone is the same, and no one has memories. Jonas becomes the Receiver of the community, and he receives all of the memories of the past. Later on in his Receiver career Jonas disagrees with this colorless, sameness, loveless world. Jonas sets out to change his community for the better. In the novel The Giver by Lois Lowry Jonas learns that those who don’t take risks will never grow, without memories, knowledge is useless, and it takes great courage for people to be true to themselves. Jonas learns those who don’t take risks never grow. The people in Jonas’s community never take risks because they don’t know anything other than what’s “right”. Jonas is pretty much the only one who takes risks although he is the only one who knows things that the others don’t. For example, Jonas liked having dreams, so he didn’t…show more content…
Since none of the of people know any history they just know the facts. For instance, when Jonas is explaining what his teachers taught him about the brain, the Giver interrupts and says, “‘Oh, your instructors are well trained. They know their scientific facts. Everyone is well trained for his job. It’s just that… without the memories it’s all meaningless’” (Lowry 132-133). The Giver and Jonas are the only ones that know about the past, so they’re the ones with the real knowledge. Everyone can know their scientific facts; although, if the people never had memories from the past they wouldn’t have those facts. Also in the novel, Jonas’s little sister, Lily, thinks that her comfort animal an elephant is just a stuffed animal and has never existed. The people in the community just assume that animals are just things made up. They don’t know that they actually did once

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