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Sow seed, -- but let no tyrant reap; Find wealth, -- let no imposter heap; Weave robes, -- let not the idle wear; Forge arms, in your defense to bear. (Change Slide) Imagine living in the times of the Romantic poets; a clash of ideologies is happening right before you. Corruption and exploitation are so deeply imbedded; you’ve been indoctrinated to serve and cower to your oppressors. Cairns ‘Dead Poets Society’ members, tonight we’ll explore Romanticism through the lens of the socio-cultural context focusing on a specific work of a famous Romantic and then explore the poem’s contemporary relevance. Romanticism was a revolt against the Age of Reason and Classicism, which was associated with rational thought, order, and social and political…show more content…
This poem, is comprised of eight four lined stanzas with the rhyme scheme of aabb accompanied with a trochaic tetrameter whereby, each line utilizes seven syllables and four feet forming a lyrical poem. The poem utilizes a simple structure, analogies and a uniform rhyme scheme to appeal and connect with the working-class. The primary theme focuses on exploitation and corruption in the context of clashes between the proletariat and the aristocracy notable in stanza…show more content…
Detainees report having lived with fear of persecution on the basis of race, religion, nationality and political opinion in their countries of origin who were unable or unwilling to protect them. And thus, they fled (ASRC. 2018). Oppressed in their own countries and exploited by the transport mules who promised safe refuge. On Manus Island, they are once again exposed to systematic oppression. Manus Island Facility underwent a relocation phase whereby, residents were forced to transfer to a new Center. Refugees have spoken of fear of persecution by PNG locals. Greens Senator Nick McKim states “they are being bullied, intimidated and smoked out of the center, despite having nowhere safe to sleep or live in Papua New Guinea” (The Guardian. 2018). (Change

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