Role Of Sports In Nation Building

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Mpho Sekele Life Orientation Grade 11 Table of contents The role of sports in nation building ……………………………………………………page 1 Reference … 5 The role of sports in national building. It is unbelievable to hear people say that sports can build a nation. Many of us watch sports but we never really think that we are bonding with the people around us. There are many ways in which sport helps build the nation but however it can also destroy the nation. Different people enjoy different types of sport and it’s very rare to find a person that despises sport, because there is so many types of sports in the world. If you…show more content…
People don’t support or even try the sports because no form of commitment is made by the nation. For instance more money is invested in men’s sports than in the sports women participates in. This is discriminating because women are also excellent in sports but they are not getting credits from the nation. Currently in South Africa there are people who are standing up to try and fix the problem, as we are said to be equal in South Africa. This in future will lead to great results as the whole nation will stand together supporting their fellow female athletes and…show more content…
It is beautiful seeing a crowd of spectators cheer and dance when their team is winning. And very disgusting when they are angry because they are not happy with the results. People become violent when results don’t make them happy they can start attacking the opponents’ fans and start destroying property. People also get angry when the referee makes a poor decisions. The reputation of the country gets damaged as people in other countries will think that the country is not organised, plus we all know media will do anything to exaggerate the story to get papers sold. Behaviour is very important in sports when nation building is concerned because bad behaviour will results in influencing others to resort in to violence when things don’t go their way. For a child seeing their favourite player behave negatively in match is disappointing and it’s not healthy as we don’t want children resorting in to violence when they play with other kids

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