Factors Influencing International Relations

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New digital technologies have transformed lives of man in manifold ways. The barriers of communication have been traversed through latest media and information technologies. Now people can communicate with others far across the borders through internet, watch the news and information about foreign lands and get involved in debates that were never possible before. Identities if individuals, social institutions and international relations have been affected by these new inventions. These individual identities may be fictional and may not be available to everyone but they have impacted the society as a whole. In the individual domain, social media and television have changed men’s interests and traditional personality traits. Retrospectively, people used to buy things based on their necessities. The luxuries of life were not prevalent in the society. But with the advent of advertisements, the likings of the people changed. Now people are lured into buying things they had never thought before. For…show more content…
Every nation is trying online to perpetuate its ideologies through online forums and in influencing public opinions. Moreover, populist leaders living in foreign nations are able to attract attentions of public audiences. For example President Trump’s comments on Muslims and European nations are evoking responses from the respective publics. It may be argued that cyberspace has developed fictional world where all people have started living virtual life instead of focusing on real life problems. But this characteristic is why people use it. For example, introvert people have found a forum on the internet where they can assert their views with confidence. It has also given voice to women of conservative societies who did not have liberty to communicate with others. Similarly, disabled persons are no more disadvantaged as they perform tasks from home which they were never able to do in the

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