The Giver Dialectical Journal Analysis

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Lea Vilna-Santos Mrs. English, 7th September 1rst, 2015 The Giver, by: Lois Lowry Log Entry 1: Chapters 1-2: Question 1 and 3: During chapters 1 and 2 of The Giver, in a town that is both appealing and unappealing for several different reasons, Jonas is introduced as an Eleven who is apprehensive about his Ceremony of Twelve. Jonas is worried because he doesn’t have the slightest idea of what his Assignment will be. Even though he knows that the Elders who have watched him, like they do for everyone else, so they will have the perfect job for him. That evening he shares how he feels with his family like he always does at the Sharing of Feelings time. His parents speak to him privately and explain that when he becomes a Twelve everything…show more content…
I also think that his parents are right that things will change but they might not be in the way that they think. I’m not sure if the change will be good or not because there are so many different situations possible but maybe the change starts out badly for him but then it will end up as a good change. But that’s the thing: in Jonas’s community change scares them because things rarely ever change but for me and where I live change happens, for the most part, pretty often so you learn, sometimes, to embrace it instead of being afraid of it. It takes an airplane that flies by to scare them. But that’s because they’re used to the way they live and so am I. If a mysterious plane were to fly by where I live then the mystery would be exciting but not for them. If they were to see how we live then they would probably think that the way we live is way too dangerous which is in a way true. I find it weird when he calls his mom and dad Mother and Father because I’m not used to it and I have never heard my friends say it so it’s strange for me. The way we both live is just very different. I think that living in Jonas’s

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