The Ethical Dilemmas Of Abortion

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Abortions have been an ethical dilemma for many years. Everyone that you will encounter will have their own opinion about the topic of abortion on its own as well as abortion for fetal anomaly. Many laws have been set over the years to prevent termination of a fetus, but women have always found ways around those somehow. Ethical Dilemma Everyone you talk to about the topic of abortion will have their own opinion. Some may be pro-choice while other maybe pro-life. Regardless, I think that in the case of termination for fetal anomaly it should be the parent’s decision to make about termination. Abortion will always be an ethical dilemma in my opinion. The patient and their family members may also feel judged by those that feel they have done wrong…show more content…
According to Gammeltoft, Hang, Hiep, and Hanh (2008), in Vietnam it is known that when a fetus takes on the form of a human they believe that ensoulment takes place. This causes the women to feel pity and feel that their child would resent them for going through with the termination. Many ethical dilemmas exist within this topic such as disability, being able to tell the truth to acquaintances about the experience, partners support, and fetal testing. Regarding disability, women and their partners understand that there is a social sigma surrounding the disabled. It is never a mother’s dream to care for a disabled child and they understand that in the US there is a lack of economical support for people with disabilities and they are normally excluded when society claims to support them. (McCoyd, 2007) Like disabilities, support from their

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