Arguments Against Police Corruption

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Yes corruption is inevitable and there will always be dishonest police officers and corrupt supervisors, but the illegal actions and the unethical behavior those select few choose to take does not define the “good” law enforcement agencies represent or their high standards that they work hard to maintain. Public corruption constitutes an underlying threat to our national security and way of life on all levels of our Criminal Justice System (Federal Bureau of Investigation, 2015). Police corruption is a complicated occurrence that has and will continue to affect civilians and law enforcement officers worldwide. Criminal conduct and deviant behavior occurs among police officers when there is a lack of morality and ethics among certain officers…show more content…
While our conscience may be the leading factor that contributes to the way we act; however, we do not have the right to compromise or violate the rights of others (Delattre, 2011). It does not mean that our conscience or the way we think is always right or justified (Delattre, 2011). For example, a member of the Klu Klux Klan, in the privacy of his home, has the right to teach his children things that are untrue such as: Whites are better than African Americans---we can all agree that he is wrong to instill such unfounded beliefs in his children, but that is his right. We can be confused and heed to such misguided knowledge, but Socrates suggest that we turn to reflective criticism and debate as a solution to educating our conscience and analyzing our moral judgment (Delattre, 2011). In other words our conscience does not have to dictate the final say in the issue at hand. Due to an officer’s religious beliefs, he may perceive legal abortions as wrong; therefore, his individual conscience may misguide him into believing that he should not be given the assignment to prevent the murder of an abortion employee. Using conscience as an excuse to break the law, not uphold the law, or perform job duties is inexcusable and should not be tolerated by

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