Importance Of Food Order System

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Food order system is the one which integrates the benefits of an ordering food with the convenience of an online technology. It will lead the immense flexibility in the manual platform structures, with the combination of synchronous and asynchronous interactions. It provides a means of collaborative E-ordering for the customers. The main aim of this note is that to study the possibilities for the expansion of business. Further research could be done on factors affecting expansion and market growth of online food industry. Key words: Food order system, E-ordering, online technology. Introduction The advancements and innovations in the Information and Communication Technology have greatly influenced the business transactions. Business in food…show more content…
Customers can get information or search for recipes from the kiosk and internet. The kiosk and internet also takes orders and receives credit cards or debit cards payment. As a result, wrong order and long queue can be avoided, order staff can be arranged to somewhere else and focus to speed up on delivery orders. On the other hand, a table-top touch screen order system can take customer orders as well as handle other customer requests such as refill drinks, call a waiter and make payment by credit card and debit card. Gan (Gan, 2002) proposed to develop an online fast food restaurant ordering system that allows customers to place orders anytime at any place. The system helps to manage order from customer as well as advertise promotion. It allows kitchen staff to view ordering information, management to manage fast food raw materials and staff to search customer delivery and profile information. This system helps to reduce queue issues during peak hours, speed up food preparation and increase customer…show more content…
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