Ethical Issues In Juno

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Teenage pregnancy, something most American’s feel is one of the biggest growing problems in our country today. Juno is a 2007 Hollywood film, featuring Ellen Page as a teenager who is faced with an unplanned teenage pregnancy and her decisions throughout the movie for her unborn child stun everyone; including herself. The Oscar winning dramatic comedy also stars Michael Cera, Jennifer Garner and Mark Loring. The agonizing decision pregnant teenagers have to make when facing pregnancy start when choosing to make adult decisions, and have sex. In our country an ongoing problem is young adolescences forget that one night might lead to a life changing decision between keeping your child, adoption, or abortion. Women’s right to choose what to do with her own body is a topic that has been controversial since Roe…show more content…
Juno had to make this very decision. Instead of keeping the baby to raise herself, she decided the best option would be adoption. She found an ad in the penny saver of the newspaper and decided, the couple looked perfect. Notably Juno and her father go to meet Mark and Vanessa Loring the soon to be adoptive parents and sign all the legal paperwork for the adoption. Although the further along in the pregnancy Juno gets; the more Juno finds out husband Mark is not ready to be a father and leaves is wife Vanessa. As Juno gets closer to her delivery date with husband Mark; tells his wife Vanessa who had wanted nothing more than to be a mother that he is leaving her. As a result, Juno feels as though her life maybe be spinning out of her control. What is Juno supposed to do? Does she keep her full term baby? Does Juno continue through with the adoption and give the baby to just wife Vanessa who has wanted nothing more in her life then to be a mother? Or, does she find a new adoption couple? This is a decision a lot of teenagers in America are faced with. What do you do as a parent and what is best for your

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