The Day Never Come Short Story

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The day finally came. Nobody was ready all though everybody knew it was going to be full to the brim of tears, hard goodbye’s, and lots of agony for everybody who knew Lupe. “Mama, I don’t think I could do this anymore. I’m not ready. I want to stay with the family here in Mexico,” Lupe told her mother. “Of course you are ready, Mija. I have confidence in you, we all do. It is time for you to start a new journey, a new life. You can do it,” Lupe’s mom told her her. They both stood there, holding hands, with tears in their eyes, trying not make each other cry. Lupe embraced her mother in her arms and couldn’t hold back her tears back any longer. Lupe didn’t want to decamp the life she had behind in an incompatible country.…show more content…
There were some easy goodbyes from family members she barely knew but the hardest ones came from her close friends and relatives she grew close with. Now those were the goodbyes that came with some unexpected tears. Every person she came across with that day wished her the best of luck. Lots of hugs and kisses were also given. “Don’t forget about us! Please come back and visit us when you have the time! Make us proud! Te amo! ” are some things she heard all night. “Thank you, I will! I love you too!” Lupe said to everyone. When everybody left, Anthony stayed behind just as she expected him to. She tried to stay strong and not let anymore tears come to her eyes. They talked for a while and about how much Anthony was proud of her. They both new Lupe’s decision was going to benefit her and he supported her. Although it was very heartbreaking, they decided to become friends because Lupe did not want to maintain a long distance relationship. She told him that she would always love him and that he made one of the biggest impacts on her life. “You’ll never forget me right?” Anthony asked. “How could I ever? Of course not, I never will,” answered
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