Disadvantages Of Human Resource Management

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Over the past two decades, firms have increasingly relied on HR functions to provide management solutions that increase the effectiveness of human capital (Hendrickson, 2003). HRIS systems have evolved into complex tools designed to manage a rich variety of information about the firms human capital as well as to provide analytical tools to assist in decision making about the management of those assets (Carrel et., al 1999) .A well designed HRIS could serve as the main management tool in the alignment or integration of the human resources department goals with the goals of long-term corporate strategic planning (Carrell et al.,1999). There are numerous global HR systems available that can support the basic HR process from employee recruitement…show more content…
The manual human resource management was unable to manage the request coming from each employee.So, to resolve a request it was taking much more time which let to unsatisfactory working environment. Difficult to manage integrated process flow – The manual human resource management requires lots of paper work and people, effort to track the flow of each process which is also increases the cost. Difficult to implement the Career and Training Program – Since the interaction with Supervisor and poor flow of information employee were unable to find and fix career plan and training for his or her. Unable to get the Biredirectional and Deep –dive Hierachical”Perfomance Management –The poor process flow the restrict the entire system to do Bi –directional such as 360 Degree performance management. So the unsatisfactory work environment for employee were increasing and management were unaware about the own flow (Chowdhury, 2012) POTENTIAL BENEFITS OF USING…show more content…
All of these benefits are types of administrative efficiencv. At the time of the study few researchers thought to explore possible strategic advantages and even today while there are various studies which recognize that strategic benefits may exist, they fail to explain how those benefits are realized within an organization and they fail in attempting to measure whether those benefits have occurred. Some authors have proposed that the use of a HRIS would reduce HR costs by automating information and reducing the need for large numbers of HR employees; by helping employees to control their own personal information;

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