Persuasive Essay On Distracted Driving

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Ryan is a 15 year old boy, who lost his life in a car accident. His father, Thomas Dydone says that the accident was a direct result of distracted driving. Ryan and four of his friends were riding a car when the driver lost control and hit a tree. The damage caused was fatal and Ryan died as the only one. But Ryan is not the only one who lost his life in a car accident. Each year, more than four thousand teenagers, in the U.S., loses their lives due to distracted driving. The secretary at the U.S. department of transportation, Ray La Hood, call it an epidemic. He says that young drivers believe they can drive safely while using their cellphone, which is seen more often today. To stop this dangerous growing trend, private companies and government…show more content…
I believe that all cellphone use, including calling and texting, should have serious consequences. Most of the statics and facts can be shocking. However, most people think it will never happen to them. Therefore, young adults need to be highly educated about the consequences of being a distracted driver, by enforcing tougher and new laws against phone use while driving. Their parents) The video also introduce us to a new program that give sound warnings if the driver fails to wear a seat belt. Many teenagers are too distracted to wear a seat belt, and having a program to remind you to wear it would help a lot. This program can also warn parents about their kids driving habits. This could prevent many young drivers from driving risky, and therefore reduce the number of car accidents. Off cause, this will not fully prevent teenagers from driving risky, because they could easily shut down the program while they are on the road. As the text, points out we teenagers don’t have fully developed brains. Driving a car takes a lot responsibility and you can’t expect a teenager to have that kind of responsibility. Therefore, I believe that, USA should do the same as Denmark and raise the driving age to 18. I believe that it would reduce the number of deaths due to distracted

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