Tunnels Character Analysis

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nnels We have all experienced being confused about our lives. Being in a place, where we don’t know what the real purpose is. At some point as an individual you have to find your way and a purpose that can motivate you. This situation can be in different kinds of shapes, one of the most well known to us is when we graduate. In this fragile situation it can go both ways. Either you find a purpose of meaning, or you just find something to keep you occupied. In this short story it is the second mentioned, which is asserted. In the short story Tunnels three college students graduate. They are in a place in their lives, where they don't know what to do with their lives. One day they find their purpose, which is to to dig a hole. Even though this…show more content…
The narrator is actively involved in the story and is telling it in first person, which means that it is a first person point of view. The reliability is important while looking at a first person narrator, in this text the narrator seems unreliable. The first person narrator’s mindset and state of mind is very important, when looking at his/hers reliability. In this case, the narrator is very lost and is also affected by drugs. This affects the way reader views him, he seems disturbed and is in a state where he does not seem reliable. The other characters are not directly described by the narrator, but while telling the story their actions are described. This makes it an indirectly description of the other characters. The narrative modes which can be found in the story is, dialogue and report. The narrative voice definitely reflects the narrator’s personality. Both Amy, Hunter and the narrator are a bit childish considering the just finished college. The way the story is described does not give the reader the impression of him being particularly intelligent ore mature. To show following facts about the narrator I have chosen this text example: When we finally got him awake, he told us that he'd dug too far in his dream, had felt the earth give easily under his shovel and that fire had come out of the cracks, spilling around his feet. "We can't keep digging down," he told us. "Well find mole people or molten lava or some underground ocean "Or China… " (p. 3, l. 14-19). In this example he describes the event as first person plural, and the narrative modes dialogue and report is to be found in this
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